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EZ's Process is a Cost effective, Time efficient solution that most, if not all successful businesses consistently look for.  EZ-HE's services can have a significant impact on a companies "bottom line", in industries such as: Property Mgmt Co., Real Estate, RE Investors, REIT's, Insurance, banking/lending etc., 
EZ-HE 's services transcends the boundaries of estimating.  Not only is it an effective, time saving, estimating solution for homeowners, in fact the "Safety" aspect our service offers has consumers of all types, specifically senior citizens embracing our services. 
Property Investors
Pre-move floorplanning
Home Buyers & Sellers
Home Buyers & Sellers

Corporate Services

Prop. Mgmt
Property Management
EZ-HE's Community Program
EZ's Estimating Services for Residents & Community/Property
  • Familiarity... A dedicated EZ-HE Consultant(s) for community residence

  • Consistency... EZ-HE's schedules visits on a specific day(s) on a  weekly or bi-weekly basis, for the convenience of residents, property security, etc.  (Note: Emergency repairs will be handled immediately) 

  • Community Property in need of a repair or replacement?   Your EZ-HE consultant will promptly prepare and email a bid package to receive multiple estimates.

EZ-HE's Community Program provides a cost effective, time saving solution for the property management co. and their community residents.  

Commercial/Retail Services

Opening or Moving your business to a new location that needs some remodeling/repair?

Starting or moving a business to a new location, can be a painstaking, stressful and time consuming process.  At the same time, choosing the "right" location is an important decision.  One of the biggest factors to consider when making that decision is the cost, especially when the new space requires remodeling or repairs to be done.

Does your new space or renovation meet all your needs?

  • Does the new space fit all the table & chairs you need

  • Does your space fit all the equipment with adequate space for patients to walk safely?

  • How much would it cost to renovate?

The remodeling cost for two different locations can be vastly different. Finding yourself in the difficult position of trying to choose between two locations in need of remodeling or repair, then obtaining the necessary information for both locales is imperative to doing an "Apples to Apples" comparison in order to make a well thought out, educated business decision.  

What if you're deciding between two locations that need remodeling and/or repairs?

Realtor: Home Buyer/Seller
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Estimating Services

While buying a home is an exciting time for your clients, but making the final decision on which home to purchase, can be tough, especially if the home is in need of remodeling or repair.

For homebuyers and Investors the cost of remodeling or repairs plays a big role in purchasing a home, and at times be a deciding factor if trying to choose between two or more homes. 

Getting an EZ-HE "Quick-Bid" can go a long way in helping your clients make the right decision quicker 

An EZ-HE consultant can meet with you and your clients to inspect and discuss any remodeling/repairs they may want, or need to get done after purchasing home.  and within a few days you're emailed multiple estimates on the items discussed.

Realtor Investment Services
Because buying (or selling) a home is one of life's biggest decisions.. 
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