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Creating simple solutions for a not so simple world

About us

Beginning in 2016, EZ- Home Estimates was created with the purpose of offering a service that allows consumers, business owners and professional contractors the ability to be more effective and efficient with their time and money.
The standard way of obtaining "Free" estimates is a time consuming inconvenience that at times can be hectic for both consumers & professionals.  In recent years, numerous companies have tried to improve the estimating process, and while commercially successful, have had little impact on the overall improvement of this dated process.
Homeownership is about to get a whole lot Easier!
After 5 years of research & development, our mission at EZ-HE is to have everyone experience our simplified estimating process that we believe will radically change the way estimates are done today.  It's a simpler process that will have a positive impact for homeowners.  As for the Professional Contractor, that often find themselves running around in the evenings giving "Free" estimates after working a long day,... the impact may be greater.
At EZ-HE (a wholly owned subsidiary of A2i-Data, LLC.) we're driven to work harder so our customers can work smarter.  We focus and measure our success on providing services that we believe will have a long term, positive impact on our customer's business and personal lives.
Experience EZ's New Process Today!
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